• Community

    Enhance the quality of life within our district by tackling environmental health issues that plague our community.

    Work in conjunction with local government, community leaders and organizations to better assist constituents of basic needs.

    Establish real time disaster repositories and sites readily available for when our community is in dire need of assistance.

    Be Available and Accessible for the Community

  • Progress

    Collaborate with the Independent School Districts and Institutions to ensure correct safety measure are on the front line.

    Revamp Texas Class B Misdemeanor Offense

    Stand firm and provide systematic realistic structure around the infrastructure within the district.

    Work with the state on Insurance requirements and guidelines

    Enhancement of Child Support Enforcement

    Revamp Tax Sales requirements as it relates to payment plan and hardship solutions.

  • Awareness

    Provide opportunities and assistance to our area businesses.

    Enhance the relationship with the Independent School Districts to increase education and test/performance standards .

    Establish various communication channels to education the district on state level topics and opportunities.

    Form a joint effort surrounding the district’s historic sites and landmarks.

  • Involvement

    Interstate – 45 Committee

    Community Resource Fair

    Access to Affordable Housing

    Job Opportunities and Fairs

    School Adoptions Providing Children with Basic Necessities

    Access Foreclosure Prevention Program

    Establishment of Disaster Relief Sites for Household Necessities

    Partnerships with Neighboring Cities & States